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Catherine (Cathy) Jantzen is a professional speaker and educator who offers informative and inspirational presentations, seminars, workshops, and retreats for leaders, owners, and employees of businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. Presentations are flexible and designed for different group sizes and demographics. Cathy is available to speak on the topics below, and she’s willing to develop specific topics for your organization. Please click on the link to request a presentation, or for more information.

Inspirational Seminars, Workshops and Retreats:

  • Anxiety and Worry  

  • Building Joy in Your Life

  • Building Strong Relationships

  • Caregiver Crunch:  Are You Burning Out?  

  • Caution:  EGR (Extra Grace Required) Relationship Ahead; Loving People the Way God Does 

  • Compassion Fatigue 

  • Complicated Grief:  Finding Your Way Through Unusual Life and Death Circumstances 

  • Drawing Close to God – Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind 

  • Emotions: A Mental Health Alert System

  • Forgiving Freely 

  • Good Girls Don’t Get Angry, or Do They? 

  • How to Dump Your Emotional Baggage

  • Retreating for Refreshment, Tools for Retreat 

  • Soaring and Sinking – Preparing for Intimacy with God

  • Spiritual Gifts Training

  • Stomping Out Stress 

  • Support and Accountability

  • There’s No Such thing as a Superwoman Cape – Why/How to Do Self-Care  

  • When Faith and Life Intersect

Speaking on Mental Health for Businesses – Education for Employers and Employees:

  • Crisis Management from a Mental Health Perspective (ex: Accident, Death of a Coworker, Workplace Violence or Threats, Inappropriate Conduct, etc.) 

  • Emotional/Mental Overload: Recognizing and Responding to the Signs of Stress in Yourself and Your Employees

  • Teambuilding 

  • Understanding Your Responsibility to Others and the Community as it Relates to Emotional/Mental Health and Specific Crises 

Education for Mental Health Professionals, Clergy and Other Caregivers:

  • Christianity in Counseling – How to Ethically Integrate Your Practice  

  • Counseling Skills for the MR/DD Population 

  • Counseling Skills for Paraprofessionals

  • Depression and Anxiety Relative to College Students

  • For Children's Ministry Workers:  Dealing with Abuse/Neglect

  • Marriages Under Stress

  • Recovery from Extra Marital Affairs 

  • Recovery From Sexual Abuse

  • Sleep Disorders:  When You Lose Your Snooze

  • Suicidal and Homicidal Indicators:  How to Assess and Intervene

  • Understanding Self-Injurious Behavior

 Speaking on Parenting:

  • Beyond Discipline: Caring For Your Kids

  • Blended Families; Stirred, not Shaken

  • Communicating with Kids, Even When it’s Tough 

  • Perils of Pooped Parenting-Why Self-Care is Important

  • Shhhh!  Healthy Sexuality – The Parenting Topic We Never Talk About

What her clients had to say...

“Cathy is a stellar speaker and educator. She presents challenging concepts in clear and engaging ways, and she creates environments which invite meaningful interaction. She answers questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, and she’s a master at helping individuals and groups obtain insights which translate into action. I highly recommend her for your church retreat, employee training, or professional education.”


“Cathy did a great job – the way she presented led me to think about aspects of my relationship with God in new ways.”


“I appreciated the relevance of her discussions and activities to the topic . . . spot on!“

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