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Lisa is passionate about helping individuals improve the quality of their lives by working through their pain and navigating life's challenges. She works collaboratively with individuals to help them find hope, healing, and connection with others. Lisa views each person with high value regardless of their circumstances or past mistakes. She desires to create a safe and confidential space where a person can speak openly and honestly about his or her struggles. As a committed Christian, Lisa appreciates the integration of faith and prayer into her counseling sessions in collaboration with her clients’ desires.


Lisa has a Master of Science in Christian Counseling from Grand Canyon University and is working towards becoming a fully licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her professional experiences include serving at a women's shelter and guiding individuals as they heal from past trauma, grief, and loss. Lisa has 15 plus years’ experience in a corporate environment, with many years of experience in training and staff development.


Her specialty areas include working with adults recovering from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and loss.


Apart from her professional life, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, hiking, swimming, lunch with friends, and traveling out west to visit family. Lisa and her husband have been married for 28 years and have two adult children and two Labrador retrievers.