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Carla Wenger has a gift for helping people feel accepted and valued wherever they find themselves in their healing journeys. Building relationships with her clients allows her to be empathetic to their individual needs, which in turn, helps them feel at ease in sharing their stories.  She understands that when people feel comfortable, they will open up their hearts to receive healing from the trauma of their past, or help in any other kinds of personal distress. Carla is a committed Christian and is focused on giving counsel with a Christian perspective to any who request it.  

Carla has been in the helping profession for nearly 20 years and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate; who received her master’s degree from Huntington University.  Her professional experiences include work in a women’s shelter, membership in the Allen County drug court team, and travel abroad as an international public speaker.  She worked at a community mental health agency for 3 ½ years and has extensive training in substance abuse, as well as a professional relationship with adult and federal probation. She is currently a part time adjunct professor at Indiana Tech.   Carla finds her calling in her work with survivors of sexual trauma, helping them heal and learn how to overcome thinking like victims.  She counsels adults, couples and adolescents/teens.

In addition to supporting people as they navigate the healing process, Carla enjoys the company of her family and her Goldendoodles. 

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