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David Kiningham has a heartfelt desire to assist people in feeling heard and understood as they process their concerns.  He offers genuine compassion in his relationships with his clients as he assists them in developing greater understanding of how thinking affects both feelings and behavior.  In working through this process, the origins of emotions can be both better understood and managed. David is a committed Christian who desires to assist those (who request it) with a Christian worldview to better think and act biblically.

He is licensed both as a Mental Health Counselor and a Clinical Addictions Counselor. He worked in an inpatient psychiatric setting for 12 years and has since worked in private practice since 1999.  With more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field, he holds a Master in Education with a focus on agency counseling from Indiana University.


David works with families, couples, adolescents, and individuals who are going through relationship concerns, depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drug problems, various types of addictions, and other mental health issues.


In addition to being a professional counselor, David enjoys riding bikes and walking with his wife.

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