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If you’re like the rest of us, you know most of us don't even think about calling a counselor or exploring therapy until things begin to feel out of control. You may be feeling anxiety about making that first call or possibly about visiting a professional counselor, which can be intimidating. Please don’t worry. Because of this, the professional counselors at CJantzen & Associates want to offer you as much information as possible to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you decide whether seeking help is right for you. Please take courage and click on the links below to learn more about our Christian counseling services, our history, our philosophies of treatment, and our passion for helping people find peace, hope, and healing.

Catherine (Cathy) Jantzen always knew she wanted to be a counselor, but it wasn’t until later in life that she responded to this calling, returning to school to complete her master’s degree in mental health counseling, and eventually opening her own practice. Cathy started her professional counseling career as an intern at a large Christian counseling agency in Fort Wayne.

Over the next ten years, she moved up to administrative director and then to lead therapist at the agency.

During those years of service, Cathy also cultivated her love of teaching and speaking. She has educated and inspired varied audiences, which have included business leaders and employees, professional caregivers, clergy and lay ministers, and members of the public. She is dedicated to educating and inspiring those who can benefit, and she served as an adjunct professor for Huntington University, where she shared her knowledge and experience with student interns in Christian counseling. 

Cathy has always valued her personal connection with her clients. In 2012, seeking a smaller, more personal venue, she founded her own Christian counseling practice, now named CJantzen & Associates. In taking this step, Cathy wanted to create a new space where she could form new counseling relationships and continue to help her clients experience intense and meaningful personal growth.

Cathy’s practice grew quickly, and she invited other carefully selected therapists to join her.  Most recently, Lisa Sells has joined the team that now includes David Kiningham and Carla Wenger.  These additions have enabled CJantzen & Associates to serve even more people and offer a greater variety of solutions to life’s challenges.  

Lisa’s professional experiences serving at a women's shelter and guiding individuals as they heal from past trauma, grief, and loss. Lisa has 15 plus years experience in a corporate environment, with many years of experience in training and staff development.  Her specialty areas include working with adults recovering from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and loss.


David, in addition to the individual and marital counseling he does, is a licensed clinical addictions counselor.  He is well-seasoned in working with those struggling with pornography and other addictions.


Carla brings experience working with trauma survivors, and is especially gifted in her work with adolescents.  She also offers compassionate marital counseling, and especially appreciates journeying with those individuals who are facing a variety of life’s challenges; including those that are particularly intense.  

​We know that most of us don't even think about calling a counselor or exploring therapy until things begin to feel out of control. They understand that making that first call and visiting a professional counselor can be intimidating. Therefore, the counselors at CJantzen & Associates work hard to you feel as comfortable as possible, and to provide compassionate care for everyone who seeks their help.


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